Sunday, 25 May 2008

YouTube stereo

YouTube has in the last week fixed a loophole that allowed you to upload stereo sound to YouTube.
All you had to do was process the video yourself into .flv format and upload a stereo .flv file.
And they have put a stop to this.
WHY .. they have recently allowed higher resolution videos of 480x360 instead of the old 320x240. But to restrict us to mono, makes absolutely no sense, who is being hurt by allowing STEREO!!

Sombody go and make a petition about this because i can't be bothered.

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Jesse said...

I think I uploaded the last stereo video (it's actually an example of the synthesized stereo that TV stations used on mono audio when stereo TV just came out) :

A few minutes after that went up I uploaded something else and that came out in mono, so I deleted it. I've played around with AnyVideoConverter and haven't gotten it to work again. YouTube just plain sucks.